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Many thanks to Gemma for this brilliant layout of Angelina

Well, first of all, can I say a big thanks to Gemma for another fantastic layout 🙂

Secondly, can I welcome Jules & Deb to the site. They will co-run the site with me. We’ll be giving our thoughts on everything related to movies. Also posting photos and media. (there’s been a big update to the gallery)

I wanted to get this out the way LOL.
I could have a ton of sites…but with health issues I can’t
I love maintaining websites. I’ve been doing sites since 1999….it’s relaxing for me.

Here’s the sites I do have.

Russell Crowe UK
A Fan Of Horror
Fans of the Galaxy
Screen Icons: Chris & Chris
Screen Icons: Angelina Jolie
Screen Icons: Leonardo DiCaprio

If anyone wants to affiliate with any of these then please let me know 🙂

My next blog will be movie related (I just needed 1 blog to showcase my sites haha)

What We’re Watching

The Sinner (Lainy)

Movie of the moment – Thor Ragnarok
2019 Viewing

The Tingler (Lainy**)
Captain Marvel (Lainy**)
He’s out There (Lainy)**
The Old Dark House (1932) (Lainy)**
Halloween (Deb & Lainy)
The Quake (Deb) **
Happy Death Day 2U (Deb) **

** 1st time watching

Last Movie Watched: March 2019

The Old Dark House (1932)

Credit for the poster: IMDB.com

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