I’ve been a Russell fan since the 90s but only part of the online community since around 2013.
I have made many friends through this community, some of them have become close friends.

I have been a fan of many fandoms throughout the years (and still am), but I’ve never known a bunch of more nicer, welcoming people than Russell Crowe fans. They’re very knowledgeable about his movies, very dedicated and are always there to lend a hand if anyone wants a certain photo or wants to know what one of his movies are like etc.

There are times where people (myself included) have had Village meet-ups, if there’s an event going on…great to meet people behind the Twitter name 🙂

I know people will have different opinions on fandoms…but the experience I’ve had with this online community has been nothing but awesome.

I’m proud to be a Villager.

What We’re Watching

The Sinner (Lainy)

Movie of the moment – Thor Ragnarok
2019 Viewing

The Tingler (Lainy**)
Captain Marvel (Lainy**)
He’s out There (Lainy)**
The Old Dark House (1932) (Lainy)**
Halloween (Deb & Lainy)
The Quake (Deb) **
Happy Death Day 2U (Deb) **

** 1st time watching

Last Movie Watched: March 2019

The Old Dark House (1932)

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