was a great era to get started with movies

The first 2 I have to mention are Adventures in Babysitting (A Night on the Town) and Splash

Adventures in Babysitting: We went the cinema (me and my sister, Julie) to see this. I came away from the cinema wanting to be Chrissy, loving Keith Coogan, having a crush on Thor (little did we know that years later we’d be big fans of Vincent) and our Jue loved George Newbern. Always good memories of this film.

Splash: The 1st Tom Hanks movie I saw and the reason I became a big fan of his

Karate Kid was a big movie for me….so was Space Camp (my first glimpse of Leaf Phoenix…he is still my #1 of all time today).

Then you had the Brat Pack movies: The Outsiders, Pretty in Pink, St Elmos Fire, Weird Science ( not mentioned them all here due to not having watched them all).

Horror Movies of the 80s: Ghostbusters (yes I’m classing it as a Horror…I went to see this for my 7th birthday), American Werewolf in London (my Dad still has no idea why he let me watch this when I was 10 haha), Spaceship (the one with Leslie Nielson), Gremlins, Critters, Ghoulies, Munchie, Child’s Play, Creepshow, Grimm’s Prairie Tales, The Lost Boys, House.

Then other movies I need to mention: Combat Academy (Keith Gordon), Ladyhawke (how I became a fan of Matthew Broderick), Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Police Academy movies, National Lampoon Vacation movies (we called my Dad, Clark Griswold for years LOL), Superman movies, E.T. (the first movie I saw at the cinema), Annie.

There’s so many more I could put here…I know a few will be obvious too.

This is why I became a fan of the movies….seeing so many awesome ones in my younger years. The 80s will always be my favourite decade for movies. Such special memories πŸ™‚


WOW! How fantastic does this movie look? Creepy Michael Myers is back and I love it….and that music!!!

(credit the above: IMDB.com)

So, I watched this last night for the first time.
Wow, how had I never heard of this before?
8/10. LOVED it. When my sister first told me about it, I thought it was a horror movie….it was even better πŸ˜‰
It will defo be worthy of a second viewing.

I won’t be posting spoilers in the ‘last movie watched’ blogs….but I highly recommend this movie.

Viago is probably my favourite….but a shout out to Petyr too haha

The majority of fans are awesome people to speak to.

Over the years I’ve spoken to people who are intelligent, respectful and great to know.
I’ve already spoken about Russell Crowe fans…but every fandom I’ve been around has these fans.

Each fandom also has it’s idiots, and Star Wars is no exception.

Star Wars actress Kelly Marie Tran deletes Instagram posts after abuse

The above article sickens me. It sickens me to think there’s ‘fans’ out there who think they have a right to say whatever they want about the people who star in movies/tv etc.

What right has someone to disrespect Kelly Marie Tran this way?

By all means, dislike a character, dislike a movie….but do not disrespect the people who brings these characters to life.

I really enjoyed watching The Last Jedi.

I didn’t like Winona Ryder’s character in Girl Interupted….but I’m not gonna disrespect Winona for it. Susanna was whiny, it wasn’t Winona.

By all means, talk about movies….have constructive criticism about it…say how great the movie was..talk about the people playing these larger than life characters….just don’t be disrespectful.

To Kelly Marie Tran: The majority of Star Wars fans are good people….don’t let the bad, taint your views πŸ™‚

If you use them on your own sites all i ask is for a small credit to this site πŸ™‚

I’ve been a Russell fan since the 90s but only part of the online community since around 2013.
I have made many friends through this community, some of them have become close friends.

I have been a fan of many fandoms throughout the years (and still am), but I’ve never known a bunch of more nicer, welcoming people than Russell Crowe fans. They’re very knowledgeable about his movies, very dedicated and are always there to lend a hand if anyone wants a certain photo or wants to know what one of his movies are like etc.

There are times where people (myself included) have had Village meet-ups, if there’s an event going on…great to meet people behind the Twitter name πŸ™‚

I know people will have different opinions on fandoms…but the experience I’ve had with this online community has been nothing but awesome.

I’m proud to be a Villager.

I wanted to get this out the way LOL.
I could have a ton of sites…but with health issues I can’t
I love maintaining websites. I’ve been doing sites since 1999….it’s relaxing for me.

Here’s the sites I do have.

Russell Crowe UK
A Fan Of Horror
Fans of the Galaxy
Screen Icons: Chris & Chris
Screen Icons: Angelina Jolie
Screen Icons: Leonardo DiCaprio

If anyone wants to affiliate with any of these then please let me know πŸ™‚

My next blog will be movie related (I just needed 1 blog to showcase my sites haha)

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