January 2020
02nd: Night of the Comet *
06th: Altered Minds *
16th: The French Connection *

February 2020
1st: The Perfection *
8th: The Pyramid *
12th: Ready or Not *
13th: Surveillance (2008) *
16th: The Dark Knight
17th: 48 Hrs *
17th: Braid *
18th: In The Tall Grass *
22nd: The Devil’s Men *
22nd: Villains *
25th: The Monster Club *
26th: THE Abominable Dr. Phibes *
27th: Dr Phibes Rises Again *
29th: Girl on the Third Floor *

1st: Cam *
4th: Come To Daddy *
4th: The Hole In The Ground *
7th: Shaun of the Dead
10th: Night of the Demon (1957) *
11th: The Uncanny *
???: Halloween III *
???: Eyes of Laura Mars *
???: The fall of the House of Usher *
21st: The Legend of Hell House *
???: Showdown in Little Tokyo
???: Spiderman: Into the Universe *
???: Universal Soldier
???: The Hard Way
???: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
???: Knives Out *
???: Capricorn 1
31st: City on Fire *

7th: Night of the Eagle *
8th: This is the End
11th: Iron Man
12th: Insidious
17th: The Big Bus *
20th: Chinatown *
24th: High Anxiety *
26th: And Soon The Darkness *
29th: Spenser Confidential *

1st: Serpico *
4th: The Platform *
8th: The Old Dark House *
12th: Nothing but the Night *
14th: On the Beat *
16th: Brothers’ Nest *

1st: Parasite *
3rd: Attack The Block *
13th: St Agatha *
18th: Whiplash *
18th: Wounds *
24th: Our Man Flint *
25th: 12 Monkeys
30th: Before I Wake

1st: Dante’s Peak
3rd: Unfriended: Dark Web *
4th: The Asphyx *
5th: Texas Chainsaw Massacre

* 1st viewing
48 new movies for the year

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What We’re Looking Forward To

17th: Dolittle
7th: Birds of Prey
14th: Sonic the Hedgehog
28th: The Invisible Man

1st: Black Widow
8th: Legally Blonde 3
5th: Wonder Woman 1984
26th: Top Gun Maverick
10th: Ghostbusters: Afterlife
21st: Bill & Ted Face the Music
6th: Eternals
20th: Godzilla vs. Kong
18th: Coming 2 America

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